Start the MSEide+MSEgui program.

To start a new project click on Project → New → From Template. Click for image

Select the default.prj project type. Click the OK button. image

Now you will set where you projects source files will be saved. Navigate to your desired location (home folder, my documents, etc). This should be an empty folder or create a new folder by clicking on the "New Dir" button in the upper right corner. image

Enter a name for your project and click the OK button. image

You should now have a default project with a blank form to work with. It should look like the following. image

On the component palette click the Widget tab and then click the “button” component. image

Now move the cursor onto the project's blank form and click once. This will place a button component onto the form. image

Now click on the Caption text area of the object inspector and enter a caption of “Exit”. Press the enter key once. image

The button should now show a caption of “Exit”. Now scroll down and click into the “onexecute” text area and enter “btnonexecute”. Press the enter key twice. image

In the "procedure.tmainfo.btnonexecute" enter the pascal command “close;”. image

The project is now ready for its first test. Click on Target → Continue or press f9. image

The program will compile and run. You should now see the form with the exit button. Click on the button. The program will close and you are back in the ide. image

Now save your project by clicking on File -> Save All image

To exit the ide, click on File → Exit. image

Download the project source.