You should have downloaded and installed the mseide+msegui program. The first step is to configure the MSEide environment.

If you are running on a linux system and installing version 2.8.6 or later downloaded from then the ide is already configured. You can skip this step and go to “New Project” tutorial.

Start the MSEide program (click on Start → All Programs → MSE → mseide). You should see this image.

Click on the Settings menu item and then Configure MSEide: image.

You shoulld now see the Configure MSEide options. Click on the 3 dots (browse button) to set the ${MSEDIR} option. image.

As this is the first time running the MSEide program you should be in the startup directory. This screenshot was taken on a windows computer so you are in the insatlled to folder, “C:\Program Files\MSEide-MSEgui\apps\ide”. If you are doing this on a linux computer then you should see /usr/lib/mseide-msegui. Select it and click the OK button. image.

The ${MSEDIR} option should now be set. Click the OK button. image.